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2021 Spring Kids Camp

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Teen’s Camp 2020 – Survival

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2020 Summer Kids Camp

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Thank you so much for setting up this camp. It’s such an honor for me to be in this camping trip. I really felt God is in this trip. All the miracle that God show me through CCM is way too powerful. There is no work that can describe all these miracles.

Youth Leadership Program David (16)

Thank you so much for these amazing camps you do every year! I’ve changed so much ever since my last camp, to be able to help and interact with many others. Last year I’ve received lots of challenges and hardship, but thanks to God’s Guidance I was able to meet many great people and learn my life’s lessons!

Youth Leadership Camp James (17)

Teens camp is a fun but also a place that you can get tired pretty easily! But in the end it is all worth it! In teens camp you can experience what it is like to be in the real world! Because you ride sky trains to places and you take bus!

Teens Camp Carmen (12)

It was a great experience

Teen’s Camp Nick

Fantastic camp that helps you go out and enjoy life!

Youth Leadership Camp Grandon (14)