Be a Volunteer 加入義工

Kids Camp

Kids camp program runs every spring and summer of each year.  Duties include assisting coordinators, supporting and playing with children. This is a great opportunity for individuals to develop their self-confidence, leadership and problem-solving skills. Volunteers are also able to gain experience working with children of different ages.

兒童日營每年春夏兩季舉行。 義工職責包括協助日營領袖和看顧兒童。 這是個人培養自信心,領導能力和解決問題能力的絕佳機會。 義工也能夠獲得與不同年齡的孩子相處的經驗。

CCM Office

If you are looking to gain office experience, then this opportunity is right for you. CCM office is constantly looking for people to help with the front desk administrative work and other tasks around the office.

如果您希望得到辦公室經驗,那麼這個機會適合您。 中信辦公室一直在尋找義工來幫助解決前台和辦公室的工作。

Community Service and Event

CCM hosts different events within the community to build relationships and raise awareness to social issues.  Duties might include managing booths, promoting events, and setting up. Volunteers are able to gain communication, public speaking, and public relations skills.


∗Interview needed for all volunteer positions 所有義工需要面試