Teen’s Camp 2021 Registration

      NOTE 請注意:

    1. the enrolment confirmation of the program is based on a first come first serve basis with full payment.


    $160/week 每星期 (siblings 第二位子女起 $150/week 每星期)


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    Please note that your youth might be send home if he/she requires special assistance that was not mentioned on their registration form.

    Emergency Conatcts 緊急聯絡人

    Please carefully read and accept the following statements before proceeding

    1. In consideration of Chinese Christian Mission of Canada (“CCM” and/or “CCM Centre”) accepting the person named hereinafter as a service user/activity participant, I (the parent/guardian) consent to the Child's participation in CCM as a service user/activity participant. I hereby release CCM, its directors, officers, servants, employees and agents, from any claims, damages actions or liability arising out of any loss, injury or damage to the Child and of the Child's property during the Child's participation in any CCM services and activities at any location. I hereby give consent to CCM to release the youth's information to the paramedic/emergency services during an emergency situation.
    2. I (the parent/guardian) consent that Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) can use the Minor's image and voice in CCM's production of photography, film, video, and audio materials, which will be used for the promotion of CCM and its services. I, understand that these audio/visual materials will be published for selling or presenting in newspapers, films, television commercials, posters, slide presentations or otherwise displayed to the public, as well as for educational, fundraising, information or training purposes – either in whole or in part. I fully understand that I am donating my services and I hereby waive any demands for service fees or payments.
      本人作為參加者(下稱為該青年﹐現年未足十九歲) 之家長或監護人,同意中信中心職員、義工、或其代理人在中信中心製作的照片、電影、電子影音使用該青年的肖像及聲音來介紹和推廣中信中心、或中信中心服務及社區服務。本人完全明白和同意這些照片、電影、電子影音等資訊將由中信中心以部份或全套租、借或銷售等辦法在報紙、電影、電視廣告、海報、招貼、幻燈或其它的方式向公共展示﹐或用作教育、籌款、信息、或訓練等用途。本人完全明白和同意這項服務是不收任何費用、報酬或償還的捐贈。
    3. I (the parent /guardian) understand that there is a cost of $5.00 each time a receipt needs to be reprinted / resent through email. If student withdraws for personal reasons 2 weeks before the camp start date (first day of camp each week), he/she can refund with less 10% as administrative cost which shall not be less than $5.00. If student withdraws 1 week before camp start date (first day of camp each week), he/she can refund with 50% as administrative cost. There is no refund once the camp starts.
      本人作為參加之父母/監護人清楚及明白收據若需要重印或以電郵方式再發出,均每次收費$5.00。如開課兩星期前,學生因某些原因申請退學,扣除學費 10%(以不少於五元)手續費後可獲退款。開課一個星期前申請退學,扣除學費手續費 50%後可獲退款。日營開始後不得退款。
    4. I have read and ensure that all information on the registration form are correct.